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With a long history and proud heritage, Bosman Family Vineyards are deeply committed to fusing the old with the new, as they combine long-established tradition with cutting-edge innovation.

A dedication to quality means that everything from the grafting of the vines to the picking of the grapes is done by hand. The processes are slow and meticulous, requiring minimal intervention and ensuring that the quality of the fruit is prioritised at all times. High density planting with 8000 vines per hectare further improves grape quality, while the Bosman’s expertise in vine growing allows for ultimate control from vine to wine.

But the Bosman family is committed to more than just wine. Instilled with a deep respect for both man and nature, they have long believed in and implemented social, economic and environmental practices that develop the community and promote sustainable farming. The relationship between the family and their team is evident in the fact that many of the 260 full-time workers on the estate are 5th generation families that have as deep a passion for winemaking as the Bosmans themselves. With an ownership of a full 26% of the business, a solid skills transfer system and numerous social projects, the workers are invested in every aspect of Bosman Family Vineyards.

In 2009, the Bosmans’ ethical and sustainable methods of producing and trading their wine received official Fairtrade certification. In 2008, a landmark joint venture between Bosman Family Vineyards and the Adama Workers Trust saw the formation of the biggest Black Economic Empowerment deal in the wine industry to date, with eligible workers receiving co-ownership of 430ha of prime farming land.

Read more about our Fairtrade initiatives in this overview document.

View some of our Fairtrade stories on our Youtube Channel.


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