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Bosman Family Vineyards

Autumn 2017

Corlea’s harvest report

The grapes are all in the cellar and Corlea is very happy with the vintage overall: “It started late but ended with a bang as everything seemed to ripen at the same time. That meant we had to be very well organised in the cellar, but fortunately I have a fantastic team working with me.”

We recently completed harvest season at Bosman Family Vineyards. As always, it requires incredible teamwork and a combination of passion and grit to get the grapes into the cellar at just the right time. Corlea Fourie, our winemaker, tells us more about the 2017 harvest season in this video.

Celebrating 10 years

This year we celebrate 10 years since reopening our cellar. While wine has been made on Lelienfontein since the mid-1700s, the cellar closed its doors for 50 years, delivering their grapes to the Bovlei Cellar and focusing on their vine nursery instead.

But Petrus (Jnr) always dreamt of making wine in the Lelienfontein cellar to continue the tradition of the Bosman family who have been making wine on the farm for eight generations. So, soon after Petrus joined the business he renovated the 260-year-old cellar and in 2007 he appointed Corlea to bring in the first harvest.

Corlea explains that the plan was to harvest from the best vineyards, but the obvious choice was Cabernet as it had been made in the cellar before, and because Petrus’s grandfather, Petrus snr, the last winemaker in the family, added it to all his red wines, believing it gave them the edge.

I can still remember Petrus’s boyish excitement when he gave me a tiny sample bottle with the first Adama Red Blend ’07 to taste. My exact words were “Where did you find this and how can I get more, as in right now?”

We are so proud of what we have achieved over the last 10 years and so would like to share some of it with you. I had a look in our family vinoteque, where we keep a certain number of bottles of every wine from every vintage to see how they develop and mature. From there I have put together a special Vintage Package, which consists of a selection of older vintages including our maiden vintage Cabernet, our Adama blends as well as the award-winning Erfenis and Optenhorst Chenin.

Family Vinoteque Selection

Make it a long weekend

Bosman Wine Club UK

Do you have friends in the United Kingdom who might also enjoy our wines at home?  Our Wine Club in the UK offers the same privileges which includes free delivery; exclusive wines available to members only; preselected packages with their own story; and 10% discount on top-up orders.  Now you can also send them a wine gift through our UK Wine Club website.

Last year Corlea met with Jamie Goode (a London-based wine writer who is currently a wine columnist for the UK national newspaper, The Sunday Express). When he tasted the Optenhorst Chenin Blanc 2014, he rated it as one of his “very top-rated South African wines.” The good news is that the Optenhorst, harvested from 64-year old bush vines, is also one of the wines that is available to purchase online through our website.


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