Healthy soils produce healthy grapes produce good wine. Focussing on soil health makes a big impact on the wine in your glass.

Until recently, organic fertilisers were only available in pellets. These need considerable amounts of water to dissolve, so when put onto the vineyards in Spring, often the pellet does not dissolve properly due to lessening rainfall, and so isn’t able to feed the vines as planned. 

Recently, a liquid organic fertilizer was released onto the market by Ecosoil which could be added to the drip irrigation system as a form of compost tea. 

To make the tea we erected 2 x 5000 liter tanks with aerated pipes installed inside and heating elements suspended over the tops. The tanks are filled with water and a compost tea starter (mixed specifically in response to soil analysis results) is added. As the microbes from the tea increase, so the oxygen levels decrease which is why air is constantly bubbled through the system by the pipes. The tea is heated to 25C by the elements to allow the fermentation process to start. 24 hours later, an additional bag of tea is added. After a total of 48 hours, the brewing process is complete, and the tea consists of nutrient material and a wide variety of beneficial bacteria, protozoa and nematodes. 

This solution is then pumped into a tank, driven to the vineyard and pumped into the drip irrigation system. 

This compost tea comprises protozoa, bacteria, fungi and nematodes. They feed on each other and the resultant metabolic by-products include nitrogen and other beneficial nutrients to the soil and vines. 

The compost tea has been applied regularly for several years now, and soil tests show that the level of Carbon in the soil has increased by 220%. This is a sure sign that our soils are becoming increasingly healthy, and healthy soils produce healthy grapes produce good, naturally made wines that authentically express their unique terroir.

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