Wine is the perfect gift for a wide variety of people and occasions


Relationships are key to a successful business. Be it the relationship with valued clients or the camaraderie built up in the office, nurturing these is key to sustaining a healthy business, and gift giving goes a long way to show both gratitude and appreciation.

Wine works so well as a corporate gift, especially when ordered from a single wine producer that can supply a range of wines to meet the requirements of the company and the individuals that will receive the wine.

Although relatively small, a single bottle of wine remains a significant gift because it can be opened and shared with friends and/or colleagues, or it can be stored and brought out to celebrate a special occasion years later.

Wine has a certain status attached to it, and the art involved in producing the wine implies thoughtful care. Also, a good bottle of wine will appreciate with age, so it gains in value long after it has been given.

3 Pack of Bosman Nero

At Bosman Family Vineyards, we offer a corporate gifting service where dedicated staff assist you in selecting the perfect gifts. We make up wine gift boxes with various selections of wines depending on the budget, always keeping the individual in mind. Just give Marelie Terblanche, our Direct Sales Consultant, a call, and she will set up the perfect collection of wine gift sets. “We can help you pick out specific wines, perhaps source older vintages or small batches of limited release wines that will impress your clients,” says Marelie, who has been helping our customers for many years and so has a good idea of what various types of people would like.


We also have good ideas for wines appreciated by different kinds of people, for instance, our MCC bubblies are great gifts for girls, while our serious reds are perhaps a better option for someone who already has a cellar and is a keen wine collector.

While men tend to like red wine, the Bosman Generation 8 Merlot is a red wine regularly ordered by women. Its velvety texture and delicious plummy fruit make it a favourite with the girls, while the men tend to go for a more robust Bosman Generation 8 Shiraz or the Adama Red – the perfect wine for a juicy steak. The Adama Red also ages well, and with its flashy red label, it will look good in any wine rack.

Bosman Adama Red 2018 Bottle

Our single vineyard wines are perhaps the best option. Each of these three wines are made from a single vineyard block, fermented naturally and carefully aged to tell a unique story of heritage and terroir. Earlier vintages of these wines are also available. This means a 3-pack of 3 vintages can be made up of one wine, a treat for any wine lover who can then open these bottles and compare the wines with friends, savouring each vintage and considering the climate conditions of each year and the effects of ageing.

Our three single vineyard wines are:

Optenhorst Chenin Blanc OVP

Twyfeling Cinsaut


Corporate Gifts - Our three single vineyard wines

To really show a client or special person your appreciation and respect, a bottle of Bosman Erfenis says it all. A blend of three varietals: Cinsaut, Cabernet Sauvignon and Nero d’Avola, this wine is the Bosman flagship. Its demure but stylish packaging speaks of excellence and hints at the superb quality of the wine within.

The word ‘erfenis’ is Afrikaans for both the English words ‘heritage’ and ‘legacy’. While the Bosman family have a long and proud heritage on the farm, the wine is more of a challenge to legacy. This first vintage was made in the cellar when the first Bosman grandchild was due, and winemaker Corlea Fourie was expecting twins. On such occasions, we feel compelled to mark it down, to make something that expresses our hope and commitment to a future and so this sentiment can pass to the receiver of a bottle of Erfenis, declaring the hope and commitment of the relationship.

But if you want to give several bottles to one person, a selection of our Generation 8 range might be the best option. This is a range of single varietal wines made from grapes grown in Wellington. These wines speak of the terroir and heritage of this quaint little Boland town where French Huguenots planted the first grape vines in 1699.

Corporate Gift - Bottle of Erfenis

What is sustainable gift giving?

A sustainable gift idea does not only refer to environmentally friendly packaging, it also refers to the gift itself.

Bosman Family Vineyards is known as a champion of sustainability, the leading ethical wine producer in South Africa. That means that the contents inside every bottle of wine was made with due consideration to its impact on the environment, in other words, the size of its carbon footprint.

The Bosman vineyards are farmed regeneratively avoiding the use of harmful chemicals and encouraging biodiversity so that a healthy ecosystem is maintained. But in addition, the community owns a significant share in this agribusiness.

That means that the investment you make in purchasing a bottle of wine impacts not only the environment favourably but also the lives of the community who grew the grapes and made the wines. So these wines are not only good for you, they are good for the environment and the community, and that is sustainability at its best!

Our icon wine for sustainability has to be the Bosman Nero. This wine is made from a Sicilian grape varietal called Nero d’Avola that was brought out by Petrus Bosman himself in 2004. Climate change is a reality, and we realise the need to move towards grape varietals that are more heat tolerant and drought resistant than the traditional French varietals we have been growing over the past centuries. We propagated the Nero d’Avola in our nursery on the farm and planted a vineyard which today produces huge, healthy bunches of delicious grapes and a bold, bright wine bursting with plummy fruit and a hint of spice. Its enticing black and gold packaging makes it a show-stopper gift.

corporate gifts - Nero Gift Box


At Bosman Family Vineyards, we aim to be a one-stop-shop for corporate gifting. A mail to will get the ball rolling. She will help you make up your order with helpful suggestions and then arrange for delivery and any extras you might require. For instance, we have beautifully illustrated gift tags that can convey a heartfelt message or encouraging text. We also have gift wrapping for individual bottles and a black gift tube, which not only protects the bottle but also heightens the enjoyment of the gift even more.

Please note delivery is free for orders of 12 bottles or more.