Bosman Nero is the first and only wine to be made from the Sicilian red grape Nero d’ Avola in South Africa. So it is perhaps the most unique of the Mediterranean varietals to be grown locally.

At the turn of the 21st century when it was clear climate change was becoming a reality and it was evident that the Cape Winelands would become a hotter, drier place, the Bosmans struck out to find a grape that would thrive in Wellington’s increasingly hot, dry climate.

After a meeting with a viticulture professor and many hours of research later, Petrus Bosman travelled to Sicily to source the very best Nero d’ Avola cuttings. Only 2 cuttings survived the journey and these were propagated in the Bosman Nursery and planted out on their Wellington farm.

10 Years later Nero bears testament to the courage and foresight to make a wine that expresses its Sicilian roots yet also celebrates its new-found home in African terroir.

Nero d’ Avola