Join us for a relaxed and intimate wine-tasting experience in Wellington, Cape Town.

Become part of our Bosman extended family.



The wine tasting room at Bosman in Wellington is located in the original 270-year-old cellar of the historic family farm, Lelienfontein. Our well-trained staff will be able to relate the farm’s history and tell you how our heritage has impacted the wines we produce today.

Sustainability is a crucial focus for us. We invest heavily in our farm community by adhering to strict Fairtrade standards to uplift and transform; regenerating our environment is equally important. Our creche and aftercare programme ensures our children are nurtured and stimulated while a clinic takes care of the health needs of the entire community. Similarly, our environmental work focuses on transitioning more and more of our vineyards to become certified organic. At the same time, we process our compost tea to feed our soils instead of using harmful pesticides.

On beautiful summer days, soak up the sun on our lush green lawns under ancient trees while enjoying breathtaking views of the farm and surrounding mountains. On chilly winter days, we always have a roaring fire inside our wine tasting room, where you can enjoy food and wine pairing.



A tasting of 5 wines from the entire Bosman Family Vineyards range costs only R100, a truly affordable wine tasting, while for the real enthusiast, tasting wines will cost R200. The selection of tasting wines depends on the season, new releases or recent award-winning wines, but if you want something, in particular, ask the staff. If you’re lucky, there will be older vintages open on the day. The wine-tasting selection depends on each customer’s preference. We have an extensive range of red wines and white wines, single-varietal wines, blends and single-vineyard wines grown organically.



Wine always tastes better when paired with food and we have a few options available. A selection from Dalewood, a small artisanal local cheesery in the Cape Winelands, makes for the perfect wine and cheese tasting. It’s fun to sample the various kinds of cheese with a selection of wines to find just the best match.

Not so hungry? Then nibble on our snack platter, which is made up of various locally sourced preserves, pickles and crackers if you’re planning to head on to a restaurant nearby afterwards. On a cold winter’s day, there’s nothing better than sitting beside our fireplace with a selection of wines to taste and our ‘bitterballen’ a traditional Dutch snack served with piquant mustard.

Children are also welcome and can play on the enclosed lawns or ride their bikes around the ‘werf’ while you relax under the trees. This is, after all a family farm, so it is very child-friendly.


Monday to Friday: 9h00 to 16h30
Saturday and Public Holidays: 10h00 to 16h00 (Winter Holidays 5-25 July)
Please be advised that seating is limited, and bookings are recommended.

Wine Tasting Experience:

5 Standard wines R100
5 Premium wines R200

The selection of wines is prescribed depending on the season, new releases and recent awards but there’s often a wild card entry so please ask the staff on the day as we have an extensive range of red wines and white wine, single varietal wines, blends and some rare, single vineyard, organic wines. 

Bookings can be made via email or mobile +27 (63) 052 5352

Cellar tours are available every weekday by appointment only. This excludes Saturdays. Enquire today!

Please Note: Bookings are required for groups of 8 or more people. Please drink responsibly and do not drink and drive.


Wellington is an undiscovered gem: towering mountains surround a village of tree-lined streets, quaint old houses, church spires and friendly faces. The Bosman Family Vineyards farm is a true haven where Cape Dutch houses sit perfectly in the lush, tree-ed landscape, creating a perfect setting for a relaxed wine tasting. A wide selection of wines means there is always something else to taste for even the most regular visitor. 

On weekdays, a guide will take you through the cool, ancient cellar and into the little museum filled with old farm implements and wine barrels that each tell a story.

Taste wine and make memories at Bosman Family Vineyards.


A walk down Main Street is like a trip back in time. The imposing church is positioned perfectly at the top of Church Street, and a statue of the famous theologian Andrew Murray is its signature. Quaint shops and beautiful historic buildings line the street, as well as the Victoria Jubilee Park with it’s imposing gateway.

Carry on down Church Street, and you will be heading towards Bainskloof, the first pass built through to the hinterland by Andrew Geddes Bain in 1853. The turn-off to Bosman Family Vineyards will be on your left at Redemption Leather, which sells handmade leather shoes, belts and bags.

For the more energetic, sign up for a Wellington Wine Walk which offers walking tours through the vineyards, stopping along the way for a wine tasting experience and staying overnight in well-appointed local guest houses.