Erfenis 2016

Regular: R500
Wine Club: R450

As human beings we tend to define our lives in terms of great events: war and peace, birth and death, endings and beginnings. This adds structure to our lives, and gives us a benchmark by which we can measure ourselves.

The Bosman Erfenis Cape Blend is one such wine. It is a wine that commemorates, defines and sets a standard for the Bosman cellar, the Wellington region and the Cape Winelands at large. And it has earned the accolades to prove just that.


Pinotage 38% / Nero d”Avola 23% / Cabernet Sauvignon 11% / Cinsaut 11% / Cabernet Franc 11% / Merlot 6%



Tasting Notes

As a blend it is a wonderful wine to pair with a whole range of dishes from roast duck to
spicy meat dishes. A celebratory wine for special occasions.