The Bosman white wine range speaks of our dedication to better. Half of our vineyards are planted to Chenin Blanc. It is produced in three expressions to showcase its versatility and its potential and the quality that emanates from the Bovlei of Wellington.



Grapes were first planted in the Bovlei of Wellington in 1699 when the first French Huguenots were granted land along the Kromme River, bringing their knowledge of wine growing with them.

Of the earliest white wine cultivars planted in Wellington, only Semillon (or ‘Groendruif’) is still grown on the farm. It is usually added to our Sauvignon Blanc to add body and texture to this award-winning wine.

Over time more varietals were introduced. Chenin Blanc (historically known locally as ‘Steen’) was planted prolifically and today more than half our vineyards are Chenin Blanc because this varietal performs so well in our valley.

The Bosman family acquired a farm in the Upper Hemel-en-Aarde Valley near Hermanus in 2000 with the aim of planting varietals better suited to the cooler climate of this pristine valley where the elevation and proximity to the sea provide the ideal climate to grow Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Weisser Riesling amongst others white wine cultivars.


Bosman Family Vineyards is known as a producer of excellent Chenin Blanc, due to the combination of Chief Winemaker Corlea Fourie’s passion for this cultivar, and the suitability of the terroir.

The Generation 8 Chenin Blanc is the ultimate dry, white wine to enjoy chilled at a ‘braai’ (barbeque) or with a mid-week supper. Its fruity complexity finds favour with everyone and pairs well with a variety of dishes.

The Adama White blend brings with it a story to match its quality. The wine is made predominantly from an organically-grown Chenin vineyard planted in 1980 by Jannie Bosman (Snr) when he joined his father on the farm. This vineyard is named Spogblok or ‘boast block’ because it has always produced grapes worth bragging about.

Grenache Blanc, another ancient grape that is making a comeback, is blended into the wine to add complexity and soften the mouthfeel. This is a rich, complex wine with delicious flavours of stonefruit and marzipan.


Browse our online wine shop to view our entire white wine range. Adama White, Generation 8 Chenin Blanc, Optenhorst Chenin Blanc, Pinot Gris, Upper Hemel en Aarde Chardonnay, Upper Hemel en Aarde Sauvignon Blanc and Weisser Riesling are all a click away.



This silky soft blend of our stalwart Chenin Blanc and quirky Grenache Blanc, is our first totally organic offering, proof of our commitment to sustainability not just of our community but of the land we live and work on too. This medium-bodied wine is underpinned by a touch of oak and finished with a viscous minerality that keeps you coming back for more.


The components of this wine are from different sites planted on decomposed granite in the Bovlei and from parcels of schist on our farm close to Hermon. A new inclusion from 2022 sees grapes from our Voor-Paardeberg farm now included too. From young fruit-driven vineyards to older, more elegant ones, all are sensitively blended together for the best result.


From our vineyards overlooking Walker Bay, at the foothills of the Babylonstoren mountains. Two different vineyards, one called Murasie (ruin) and a second batch from a selection of Sauvignon Blanc vines from the Vine Garden Vineyard. We always vinify a batch of Semillon from one of our highest altitude vineyards -and sometimes -as in 2021 -the wine is used to lift the blend.


Grenache Blanc has become a trusted varietal in our white grape repertoire since it was first planted in 2011. Examples of this grape are mostly found in wines from the Rhône and north-eastern Spain where the climate is similar to those found on certain sites in the Bovlei of Wellington.


From our vineyards overlooking Walker Bay. The cooled grapes are hand sorted, destemmed and pressed using reductive measures. 15% of the settled juice is then fermented and matured in new Burgundian oak for 6 months. The 2020 vintage completed 100% malolactic fermentation.


The Optenhorst Chenin Blanc was planted in 1952, making it the third oldest Chenin vineyard in the country and officially an Old Vine wine. We believe that Wellington, and particularly the Bovlei, will become a bastion of good Chenins: and that the Optenhorst Chenin Blanc will lead the way. 


Bosman white wines have long been synonymous with superior quality, winning several awards over the years. Listed below are some of the awards our white wine collection has been awarded over the years. 


2022 Platter 4.5* star
2021 Platter 4.5* star
2020 Platter 4.5* star
2019 91 points (Tim Atkin SA Report 2020)
2018 91 points (Tim Atkin SA Report 2020)
2018 Platter 4* star
2018 Platter 4* star


2023 Platter 4* star
2022 Platter 4* star
2021 Platter 4* star
2020 Platter 4* star
2019 Platter 4* star
2018 Platter 4* star


2021 Platter 4* star
2021 91 points (Tim Atkin SA Repor 2022) 
2020 Platter 4* star
2020 90 points (Tim Atkin SA Report 2021)
2017 Platter 4* star
91 points (Tim Atkin SA Report 2018) 
2016 91 points (Tim Atkin SA Repor2019)
2016 Platter 4.5* star
2016 90 points (winemag.co.za: Cape White Blend Report 2017)
2016 90 points (Tim Atkin SA Report 2017) 


The name Adama is derived from Adam Appollis, a foreman on the farm from the 1930s until his retirement. Many of his descendants still live and work on the farm, so his legacy lives on. The name Adama, therefore, represents the generations of people that have worked together to grow and produce wine. The rhythm of the name expresses the rhythm of the seasons and vintages, as well as the heritage passed down over generations of planting and harvesting. It is an organic process in so many ways.

The Optenhorst Chenin Blanc has made a name for itself as a single vineyard ‘Old Vine’ wine. Sourced from a vineyard that was planted in 1952, making it officially the third oldest Chenin Blanc vineyard in the country, this dry white wine has garnered its fair share of awards and accolades. One of the leading Old Wine Project (OVP) wines, a movement to conserve and celebrate the old vineyards in the Cape Winelands, it firmly establishes both Bosman Family Vineyards as a producer of top-quality Chenins. Its most recent awards have been 2 trophies at the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show, one for the Best Chenin Blanc on Show and the other for the Best Old Vine Wine, while the latest vintage was awarded a 5-star rating in the definitive Platter Guide.

Traditionally Mèthode Cap Classique sparkling wine is made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, as in the province of Champagne, France, from whence this wine originates. But at Bosman Family Vineyards, tradition is not our only guide, and innovation often dictates our choices. Seeing that Chenin Blanc thrives on this farm and that our winemakers love exploring its huge potential, our MCC is made from Chenin Blanc and aptly called Loose Cannon, a firm nod to irreverence, yet a traditional Cap Classique in its process.



Tasting wine, whether at Bosman Wellington or Bosman Hermanus is a sensual experience. From beautiful interiors to shiny-clean glasses, to on-hand advice, to picturesque surroundings, the experience is a feast for all the senses.


It might sound crazy but wine really does taste different depending on the glass. 

You won’t be banished to wine purgatory if you drink your wine out of a coffee mug or even straight out of the bottle (!) but you will enjoy it more if it is sipped from the right-shaped glass, and this has been scientifically proven.

Apparently, the Japanese did studies to track the vapours lifting off the surface of the wine. It’s the vapours that carry the aromas, and it’s the aromas that produce the flavours, and of course, it is the flavours that we’re after. So the researchers found that the shape of the glass determines the direction of the vapours, and we’d like them to head straight for our noses.

Firstly, you need space above the wine to collect the aromas, which means don’t fill any glass to the brim. Then, aim for a tulip-shaped glass so that the rim of the glass is narrower than the bowl, and therefore the aromas will swirl around inside rather than just shoot straight out past your expectant nose. Having a stemmed glass means that the warmth of the hand holding the glass doesn’t heat up the wine past its enjoyment point.

Folk can get quite technical about size and shape, but the above is all you need to know. So arm yourself with a decent glass, pour, sniff, sip … aaaaah!


Have you noticed wine people ‘in the know’ swirling the wine in their glass before tasting? Why do they do that? Is it just snobby?

Well, not actually. Most of the enjoyment of the wine comes from the aromas. Try blocking your nose and check how well you can taste.

Swirling the wine will aerate it, releasing the aromas within. With the correct shaped glass (see above) these aromas will fill the bowl of the glass as you raise it to your nose.

Oh, and if you are worried about spillage, it’s a good idea to keep the glass on the table and hold the base between the index and middle finger while swirling. After all, winemakers studied for years to get that swirling action taped.


Visit our online wine shop and select from a large range of white wines, including Adama White, Generation 8 Chenin Blanc, Optenhorst Chenin Blanc, Pinot Gris, Upper Hemel en Aarde Chardonnay, Upper Hemel en Aarde Sauvignon Blanc and Weisser Riesling. 



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Please be advised that seating is limited, and bookings are recommended.

Wine Tasting Experience:

5 Standard wines R100
5 Premium wines R200

The selection of wines is prescribed depending on the season, new releases and recent awards but there’s often a wild card entry so please ask the staff on the day as we have an extensive range of red wines and white wine, single varietal wines, blends and some rare, single vineyard, organic wines. 

Bookings can be made via email taste@bosmanwines.com or mobile +27 (63) 052 5352

Cellar tours are available every weekday by appointment only. This excludes Saturdays. Enquire today!

Please Note: Bookings are required for groups of 8 or more people. Please drink responsibly and do not drink and drive.

“If you’re looking for excellent wines, atmosphere and hospitality, look no further! We had the most amazing wine-tasting experience, hosted by the kind and lovely Onida Morilly and Charlene. They also went out of their way to make us feel comfortable. We went to other wineries on the same trip and Bosman Family Vineyards was by far our favourite. I will absolutely recommend them to friends and family. We can’t wait to return!”


“Wow wine tasting extraordinaire! The Optenhorst Chenin 2013!!! The most beautiful setting and amazing service! Well worth a visit”


“The most incredible experience at Bosman Family Vineyards.
Onida is incredibly knowledgeable and added a special touch to our tasting. The wines are incredible. It truly is a farm to visit if you love Chenin – the Optenhorst is phenomenal and we had the opportunity to taste through many vintages as the farm is celebrating the 70th anniversary of this wine. Please visit, you will be so glad that you did.”


“Gracious and warm, the Bosman family run a beautiful farm (vine nursery and wine business). 8 generations have worked the land, and in recent years, under winemaker Corlea Fourie, they have produced some exceptional wines. Never shy to experiment, expect more great things from this estate.”


“It was my best wine-tasting experience ever!!! Out of this world, totally blown away with the beauty of the farm, Adam my new furr friend, the whole presentation, the wines and platters were out of this world!!! I will recommend everyone to go and experience this. Can’t wait to go again!”