The Bovlei Community Centre houses the crèche for children of Bosman Adama from the ages of 4 months to 6 years. It is a vibrant space with several classrooms, a playground and a kitchen which provides regular, healthy meals. The 67 children are divided up into classes by age group and are taught by 8 trained teachers and teaching assistants, facilitated and supported by the Pebbles Project who provide continuous training, assessment and even a toy library.

After school, the crèche children are joined by another 69 Bosman Adama children attending the Wagenmakersvallei Primary School down the road. After a healthy lunch, they participate in an After-Care Programme run by 5 trained teachers, also facilitated by the Pebbles Project for every child from Grade R to Grade 7. The programme includes homework supervision and remedial assistance where required.

Fairtrade funds also contribute to those attending Adult Evening Classes or doing Distance Learning Programmes. Bursaries are available for workers that want to complete courses that would assist them in the workplace, or further their studies to gain promotion. Literacy classes are available for all employees.

All school fees for both primary and high school is subsidised by 50% by Fairtrade funding, continuing a partnership between community and parents. Parents of Bosman Adama are sent regular reports on their individual children as well as news from the school to keep everyone informed and on board.