The Bosman farm community is a vibrant one. Families have lived together over generations and together they have created a culture of co-operation and care but also of enjoyment and appreciation of one another.


The Bosman Adama Men’s Club meets regularly, focussing specifically on skills and potential development of men in the community. Motivational speakers are invited, soup kitchens are organised and these men have got together to help the elderly on the farm, planting lawns and helping with maintenance tasks. They attend weekend camps that focus on relevant issues such as marriage counselling, parenting skills, trauma help and life skills development.


The Bosman Adama Women’s Club also meets regularly focussing on the development of skills and care within the community. Sewing classes have been very successful, empowering several women in the community to take on dressmaking and alterations for people on the farm. Fairtrade funds contributed to purchasing sewing machines and funding the classes.

Motivational speakers have also empowered women to think differently and find solutions, while camps have provided much needed time away to relax and become equipped to deal with the various social problems they face. The women also arrange amongst themselves to reach out to those in need, cleaning a home or supplying a meal.


There are 35 members of the Bosman Adama Pensioners’ Club who meet twice a week at the Bovlei Community Centre. Social workers from the Wellington community involve the members in outreach projects such as knitting blankets for the needy and preparing art and craft activities for the crèche children. A fitness programme is offered and several members attend the Pensioners’ Games each year.